Combining over 30 years of experienced flying the skies and travel , PT. Travel Service is proud to introduce a new, rapid and efficient service – with the charm and magic of the Orient – adventure in the air called AirVenture.. We are your guide to travel and fun vacations and air services.

Pelita Airventure is your gateway to cheap air travel, vacation in Australia, Macau, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and all of Europe.  Everything from your car rental to your flight can be handled through our website as we can connect you to thousands of travel agents across the US and Canada.


If you are looking for a getaway for a short time or an extended vacation then Pelita Airventure should be your first stop, because we can accommodate all of your needs.  If you want fine dining when you arrive or a 5 star hotel in Las Vegas, we can find it for you.  Let us know what you need and we can assist you anytime, day or night.

Our services are around the clock and if you are unsatisfied with any of your arrangements, call us and we will get you a new flight, new hotel room or a new reservation for lunch or dinner.  We have worked for Hollywood Stars, Titans of Industry and Foreign Diplomats for a quarter of a century.  Our experience shines through and our hospitality and service is the same for you.

Casino Tours

We have also developed a great casino tour that covers a number of continents and over 100 cities.  This tour has been created with our fun-loving clients in mind and completely scheduled by our travel experts. If you are ready to discover the amazing beauty of countries in the UK and the fun and exotic excitement of Macau, and then ready to dart over to our final destination of Las Vegas in the United States, then we are the travel company for you.

There are so many casino locations to discover on this tour, plus we are offering our new dining plan, where you get to select where you want to eat, whenever you want.  We have also made arrangements with some of the best hotel/casinos in the world to get you the lowest prices on travel, from hotel stays to airfare.  We are offering trips from two weeks to one month.  One month travel plans are also available for group tours.

Las Vegas, Macau, Rio de Janero, France, Britain and other European nations are all ready for you to travel and explore.  Stop at each casino along the way and find a wealth of great food and comfortable rooms.  Then try your luck at the roulette table or even try your hand at Baccarat.  Don’t know how to play?  Make sure to read our handy gambling guide which is available in .pdf format.  This gambling guide can be stored on most all mobile devices that support the Adobe .pdf reader.

The Las Vegas Guide to Travel and Gambling Tours

Las Vegas Travel

Get our guide, and ideas to Las Vegas so you know what you want to try when you there, here are some good travel guides to the city, tours, hotels and shows.

It is also a good idea to get insurance before traveling abroad, some countries do not offer proper medical help and that’s where insurance can become handy.

If you’re single and want to join our singles travel to Greece, you will have to make a reservation before July 15,  and please contact the owner to make your dating travel reservation

Let us know how we can begin to assist you with an air flight, travel arrangements or your entire vacation planning.  Thank you

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We always advice our customers to get a good travel insurance before going to other countries. If you want you can compare and read about insurance company ratings here , and read more about health questions that might a core read more here

Links you might want to use for your travel planning check out your travel destinations with Google maps before you decide where to travel.